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At Streamline Home Management, we provide exceptional service while charging competitive rates. We only hire experienced and trustworthy employees and vetted subcontractors. People we would (and do!) trust in our own homes. We charge a monthly membership fee and bill for services on a monthly basis.




(Cancel anytime)



(Cancel anytime)

  • Concierge home or business maintenance on your terms.

  • 24/7 emergency standby.

  • Easy access to dedicated operations manager.

  • ​THE HOME FRONT - Streamline Home Management's Official Monthly Newsletter.

  • Custom preventive maintenance program.

Home Health Assessment (optional)


(approx. 6 hours)

  • Detailed report of your home's interior and exterior maintenance needs performed and presented by an experienced property manager.

  • ​We will list your home's needs based on urgent, recommended & proactive maintenance and let you decide what you would like us to do. 

Home Watch

$85 per service

(Work performed in addition to the Home Watch service billed at published rates)

  • You can relax and know that everything is being taken care of while you are away from your home.

  • Your home will be checked by our retired, Omaha Police Officer, Mike Scott who will ensure all doors and windows are secure, there are no water issues and interior temps are maintained. 

  • ​We offer concierge services such as bringing in packages, mail & trash cans, watering plants and meeting cleaning people. 

  •  We want our clients to have peace of mind while they are away and are happy to perform any tasks requested. 

Key Lock Box


(One-time fee includes installation)

  • Igloohome Smart Keybox 3.

  • Provides access to your home.

Additional Service Requests

SHM Project Manager                         

SHM Technician                                   

SHM Property Manager                        

SHM Assistant Property Manager                

SHM Carpenter                                      

SHM Painter                                          

SHM Laborer

Subcontractors deployed by SHM








Market Rates

*All service calls have a one hour minimum charge, with 15 minute billable increments after the first hour. Rates for all work will be billed at 1.5 times stated rates if required to be performed before 7am, after 7pm, on weekend days or during holidays. Rates subject to change.

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