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Winter Prep

Service Interval: Once a year (November)


Service Hour Estimate: 8 Hours

  • Remove all garden hoses from exterior faucets and put into storage 

  • Install insulated faucet covers and/or shutoff water supply valves to exterior faucets 

  • Place ice melt container by front door 

  • Move deck furniture to storage 

  • Winterize sprinklers 

  • Inspect/fix exterior caulking around windows, doors, and other exterior penetrations 

  • Apply fuel stabilizer to any gas-powered equipment not used during winter months 

  • Install trickle chargers on any battery-operated vehicles not used during winter months 

  • Turn off gas valves to exterior fire pits and grills 

  • Switch ceiling fans to turn clockwise 

  • Clean fireplace/chimney and light pilot light 

  • Confirm radon fan operation and good vacuum levels 

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